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Research and Development

This is the zero stage of a product design. We can help you determine what it takes to bring your invention from idea to a real product.

Consulting and analytics

Comparative analysis and market research will help your product become a success. Consulting may include review of specific technologies and report creation on how to use them, their pros and cons.


Our primary field of expertise is mechanical design of parts and assemblies such as consumer products, medical devices, industrial equipment, electronic enclosures. We can develop new solutions from scratch, or improve your existing products using off-the-shelf components

Design Optimization

Optimization includes weight, size, and cost reduction while maintaining key characteristics.

Documentation Development

We can document your newly developed or an existing product by creating a set of drawings and CAD files that you can take to any manufacturer. 


Modern 3D-printing and small volume manufacturing can allow you to deliver your product to your first customers in no-time.